How Much Does it Cost to Lift a Truck?

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Want advanced performance and jaw-dropping looks on your new Nissan truck? There are lots of reasons why Baytown drivers want to get a lift kit for their truck — but how much is it to lift a truck? Costs can vary, so Baytown Nissan covers the cost to lift a truck and the kinds of lift kits available in Baytown below!

How Much is It to Lift a Truck: Cost Variables 

If you go to a service department that knows what they’re doing in La Porte, you can get a great lift kit for a solid price. Here’s what the experts will say to you when you ask, “How much does it cost to lift a truck?”: 

  • Type of Kit: Leveling kits and body kits go for as little as $100-$500. Suspension kits are $1,000-$5,000 dollars. 
  • Cost of Installation: Installation of a kit can vary, depending upon your truck’s current state and the type of kit. Some suspension kits can take as long as fifteen hours, so you’ll be taking labor into account when it comes to the cost to lift a truck. 

How Much is It to Lift a Truck?: Lift Kits and Leveling Kits 

As noted above, the cost to lift a truck can vary widely depending on what kind of kit you select. So, which is best for your Liberty truck? Let’s run over the differences between these kits: 

  • Leveling Kits: These kits nominally serve the purpose of leveling out the suspension on your truck. But because they also raise the vehicle’s height 1-2 inches, they’re often used as an affordable alternative to lift kits. 
  • Lift Kits:  Lift kits come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from 1-2 inch lifts to 6-inch lifts. These are proper lifts that can be used for serious off-road performance, giving you significant improvements in ground clearance. 
  • Body Lifts and Suspension Lifts: There are even more subdivisions when it comes to the cost to lift a truck! Body lifts are a type of lift done solely to raise your vehicle, while suspension lifts are extreme re-modifications of your truck’s suspension system.  

Cost to Lift a Truck: Benefits 

So, why lift a truck in the first place? Talk to a parts center about your own reasons for lifting a truck, whether it’s for aesthetics or for some serious performance enhancements. Here are some of the benefits: 

  • Off-Roading: You’ve probably seen truck commercials featuring lifted trucks doing some serious off-road driving. This is because the elevated ground clearance, plus the room for large tires and shock absorbers, of lifted trucks is essential for off-roading. 
  • Appearance: Honestly, the way a truck looks is very important to some drivers. Lifted trucks make an impression on the road and that matters! 
  • Improved Fuel Efficiency: Lifting your truck can actually improve the mpg specs on it. 
  • Improved Reliability: Trucks that get upgrades to their suspension will wear down less easily than others. This means improved performance and savings on maintenance. 

Get a Lifted Truck at Baytown Nissan

Baytown Nissan is proud to carry lifted vehicles and give Baytown drivers opportunities to modify their trucks to meet their needs! Consult more parts tips and contact us today to start constructing your dream truck.

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